What kinds of campaigns do you support?

Along with our own campaigns, and those of friends and family, we primarily support campaigns that are of interest to us. We are strong supporters of transgender and intersex rights, and are fully committed to supporting those communities. We are also strong supporters of natural and heritage conservation, along with community and grassroots organization–my father is the former deputy executive director of The Land Conservancy of BC, and currently one of the founders of the National Trust for Land and Culture–the Canadian National Trust (ntlc.ca). And being a photographer, musician, and techie nerd, those sorts of projects are also of interest to me.

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About MetaCROWD

I'm Jesse. I'm the founder of MetaCROWD. I'm an electronic music artist, photographer (mainly nature and travel), computer builder, gamer, general nerd. I've worked previously as a programmer, but it's not really my forte. I'm currently on disability, trying to find a way off it by means of music, photography, entrepreneurship, or patronage/sponsorship.

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