Lens Fund Stage 1

I’m a photographer. I’ve been interested in it for the past decade and a bit, and decided to go pro a few years ago, and have since been working on getting the equipment together. But being on disability, and living with two parents and a grandparent (my grandmother passed away in late August) who are all unemployed or self-employed, has made that extremely difficult. So I’m trying to raise some funds to help me get there. I’ve divided my effort into two crowdfunding campaigns. The first, stage 1, is practical, high priority items, mostly not terribly expensive yet still beyond my budget for the foreseeable future. The second is more of a dream list, the really expensive items that I don’t expect to ever have a chance to use, but that would be so great to have if I could find some way.

For stage 1, http://gogetfunding.com/project/lens-fund-stage-i, I’m trying to raise $32,400 for 36 items. I plan to get many of them used. Note that prices sometimes fluctuate, so those shown below may not exactly match those on my campaign page. In roughly descending order of priority:

Tofino Surfers