Why did you create MetaCROWD?

I created MetaCROWD in order to promote my own crowdfunding campaigns, as well as those of friends and acquaintances, and others that we feel are worthy. I see many campaigns I would love to contribute to, but I can only afford to contribute to one or two now and then, … Continue reading

Is MetaCROWD a charity?

We are not a registered charity, and don’t meet the definition of a charity under the Charitable Purposes act. We’re simply a social profit organization. So we can’t issue tax receipts for donations, but there are far fewer restrictions on what we can do and how we can operate.

Why is this page so ugly?

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think? But our priority right now is just to get a page up and running, and worry about the aesthetics later. Also, I’m kinda new to WordPress, I’m used to hand-coding my websites in Notepad, and while it’s nice to have … Continue reading

What are donations used for?

Various crowdfunding plaforms and payment platforms have different payment processing fees, some varying depending on the situation. That accounts for a small portion of funds raised. Of the remaining funds, 10% goes to operating overhead and supporting our own crowdfunding campaigns. The remaining 90% is used to support other people’s … Continue reading

What is MetaCROWD?

MetaCROWD is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and support interesting crowdfunding campaigns. We raise funds by means of crowdfunding, and use those funds to contribute to a wide variety of other crowdfunding campaigns.

What crowdfunding platforms do you use?

I was using GoFundMe extensively. It has campaigns of unlimited duration, which is a good feature for long-term fundraising, and no upper limit on amounts. However, as a result of GoFundMe’s PR failures surrounding the Darren Wilson fundraiser and several others, as well as their stance on abortion, I’ve withdrawn … Continue reading

Where is MetaCROWD based?

MetaCROWD is a purely online organization, so in a sense it’s global. But MetaCROWD’s management is based in rural Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Who is MetaCROWD?

MetaCROWD was founded by Jesse Fawcett, an entrepreneur, musician, photographer, and computer nerd, and an early adopter of the crowdfunding concept. He has been running crowdfunding campaigns for more than a decade. Currently he’s the only person involved in the project, but we hope to add more people in the … Continue reading

What kinds of campaigns do you support?

Along with our own campaigns, and those of friends and family, we primarily support campaigns that are of interest to us. We are strong supporters of transgender and intersex rights, and are fully committed to supporting those communities. We are also strong supporters of natural and heritage conservation, along with … Continue reading

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